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My uncle Charlie

Powerful, gritty and filled withNorthern humor.

My mam Shirley

The true story of Yorkshire's notorious criminal family.

The Eternity Cure

The virus must be stopped. No matter what the cost, no matter what the sacrifice. Mankind's survival depends on us.

The last vampire (the eternal dawn)

Beautifull, strong, deadly- and five thousand years old...

The last vampire

Alisa has heartbreking dilemma. Her daughter, Kalika, has disappeared posing great danger to the human world. But can Alisa bring herself to destroy her own flesh and blood?

Remember Me

Shari is alive once more, but things on earth have changed. She will come to realise that she is no longer welcome...

Final friends

They just wanted to finish high school, but high school might finish them ... When Jessica Hart decides to throw a party, she could never have predicted that by the end of the night someone would be dead...