Bedtime Stories for 5 Year Olds

1. Wonderfull Worms
2. The Little Girl’s Medicine
3. The Tale of Mrs Puffin’s Prize Pumpkin
4. The Rare Spotted Birthday Party
5. Lazy Jack
6. My Naughty Little Sister and the Big Girl’s Bed
7. A Hat for Rhinoceros
8. The Naughty Shoes
9. Baldilocks and the Six Bears
10. The Wonderfull Cake-Horse
11. How the Wild Turkey Got Its Spots
12. Poppy and the Pigeon
13. Lucy’s Wish
14. Teddy Robinson Goes to the Doll’s Hospital

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Автор: Helen Paiba
Издавач: Pan Macmillan; Reprint edition
Димензии: 202стр. 13х20 cm
Тежина: 150 гр. гр.
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