Daisy and the Trouble with Sports Days

Getting into trouble has never been so much fun! Another funny tale about Daisy’s adventures.

Daisy’s getting into trouble again, and this time it’s at her school Sports Day. Daisy’s determined to win her race, and she and best friend Gabby have been training hard. They’re going for gold. They’re in the zone. They’re sticking to a strict athlete’s diet of Mars bars, Twiglets, and cheese strings. Trouble is, everyone else in the class wants to win too.

499 ден

ISBN: 9781782952855 Категорија , , Tags , ,
Автор: Kes Gray
Издавач: Red Fox
Димензии: 256 стр. 5 x 1.3 x 7 cm
Тежина: 7.1 гр.


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