Free Stuff for Baby!

Поднаслов: The New Parent’s Ultimate Guide to Hundreds of Dollars of Baby Freebies and Parenting Resources

1. Baby Freebies Delivered to Your Door
2. Baby Freebies on the Net
3. Free Stuff from Stores
4. Free Parenting Books, Magazines, and Other Literature
5. Free Maternity, Baby Wear, and Baby Product Catalogs
6. Web Recourses for Parents
7. Free Government Recourses for New or Expecting Parents
8. Parental Support
9. Saving for Four baby’s Future
10. Mom’s Free Stuff
11. Ways to Stretch Your Dollar
12. All-Time Best and Worst Baby Items
13. Why Buy It When You Make It?

200 ден

Автор: Sue M. Hannah
Издавач: Contemporary Books
Димензии: 234 стр. 15х22 cm
Тежина: 250гр. гр.

Sue M. Hannah is a freelance writer and mother of three. She has been published in the Cambridge (Ontario) Times and Alive Journal of Health and Nutrition, among many other publications.

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