Growing Up for Girls

1. The puberty journey
2. Why is this happening to me?
3. Bigger and taller
4. Hair in new places
5. Breasts and bras
6. What’s going on inside me?
7. On the outside
8. Starting your periods
9. Coping with periods
10. What happens to boys
11. Your skin and hair
12. Teeth and nails
13. Food and healthy eating
14. Keep moving
15. Your moods and feelings
16. Feeling confident
17. Relationships
18. Sex… and all that stuff
19. Protecting yourself
20. Drink and drugs
21. Staying safe
22. Home and school

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Издавач: Usborne Publishing Ltd
Димензии: 295 стр. 13х20 cm
Тежина: 250 гр. гр.
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