Pete's Magic Pants: Pirate Peril

When Pete finds a suitcase packed with amazing MAGIC PANTS no one could predict the adventures that are about to happen! Join Pete on his second adventure as his new pirate pants take him on a high seas journey aboard the Flying Fowl, a ship crewed by chickens! Can Pete help Cap’n Ted find the lost treasure of Long John Silverside? He’ll have to make his way past mischievous mermaids, snappy sharks, whooshing whirlpools and even outwit a HUGE octopus! A side-splittingly funny adventure story that whizzes with energy from a dynamic new duo. Featuring a fantastic cast of characters including Pete’s sidekick, a small chicken, who appears in various guises throughout the series.

549 ден

ISBN: 9781405279147 Категорија , , , Tags ,
Автор: Paddy Kempshall
Издавач: Egmont UK
Димензии: 32 стр. 9.75 x 0.1 x 9.75 cm
Тежина: 6.1 гр.
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