The Sound of the Trees

The Sound of the Trees

In the American Southwest, in 1930, Trude Mason and his mother ride out into the predawn quiet, hoping to escape Trude’s brutal, violent father and an equally violent past. They plan on reaching Colorado, a place they believe holds the biggest ranches, the most limitless promise, and lives of the greatest ease. What Trude finds in a small border town in New Mexico, however, is brutality and lawlessness in the form of a cruel, pitiless sheriff and his devoted posse. When they arrest and sentence to death a young woman whose life Trude has saved, he must endure an explosive collision between conscience and self-preservation.

399 ден

ISBN: 9780312421885 Категорија , Tags ,
Автор: Martin Waddell
Издавач: Walker Books
Димензии: 13*20 cm
Тежина: 300 гр.


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