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Поднаслов: Зголеми ја продуктивноста, профитот и сопствениот просперитет

299 ден

Автор: Кен Бланчард и Спенсер Џонсон
Издавач: Икона
Димензии: 112стр, 128х195 cm
Тежина: 140 гр.

This little book, through the form of a narrative story, confirms what I’ve thought for years. There is a way to manage staff, keep morale up and get maxiumum potential from people. Incorporating the simple steps in this book into your everyday 9 to 5, whether staff or management, can improve day to day working life.

I had heard of this text but came to read it after seeing it in the library. The fact that it is a short book helped draw me in.

Once I started reading it I found it hard to put down and went through it in a few hours. Many Management texts are written in a style that requires some degree of perseverance to get into, and may even require a guide to understanding some of the text itself. This one does not.

It is written in a storytelling style that makes it somewhat easier to visualise and thus easier to get the messages that the authors are conveying.

Whilst the messages are simple, this does not mean that they are redundant. On the contrary, the approaches to the positive reinforcement of staff is a lesson that many do forget ‘in the real world’.

Whilst this should be seen as a stepping stone onto more complicated management theories, it is worth stopping here a while; whether as a first text, or a reminder of the basics.

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