A Little Stranger

A Little Stranger

Fran has a good life: a happy marriage to a successful man, a healthy, sweet-natured toddler, a nice London flat. Then, one day, she walks out, leaving it all behind.
As Fran travels to Las Vegas and on to Vancouver she is haunted by memories of her own childhood and driven to reconnect with her estranged mother, Ireni, whose descent into alcoholism has left her destitute.

Will understanding why her own mother failed as a parent help Fran lay the ghosts of her past to rest and return home to her husband and child, or is she destined to repeat her mother’s mistakes?

Praise for A Little Stranger:

“The dark side of motherhood explored in a tale of terror and rage” Independent

“Gripping, sharp and brilliantly kind. She knows the gamble that life is and she never once flinches. Her books are always revelations. What a good read” Ali Smith

“Pullinger treats with thoughtful sympathy that profound taboo, the breaking of the mother-baby bond” Guardian

“A Little Stranger is that extraordinary thing: a mix of literary excellence and finesse combined with a very ordinary and accessible look at life” Sunday Express

800 ден

Автор: Kate Pullinger
Издавач: Kate Pullinger Books
Димензии: 10*15 cm
Тежина: 400 гр.


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