Connie Of Kettle Street

Connie Of Kettle Street

In September 1940 the Isle of Dogs suffers the first terrible night of a nine-month Blitz. Amidst the death and destruction young Connie Marsh finds an orphaned baby boy in the rubble. She also finds love with handsome Vic Champion, the man who helped her rescue the child they’ve named Lucky, but when his call-up papers arrive Vic leaves for the navy. She’s in danger of losing Lucky too, when a sinister figure emerges, claiming to be the boy’s grandfather. Will she turn for comfort to dashing GI Clint Hershey, or will she stay true to Vic, the man she really loves?

330 ден

Автор: Carol Rivers
Издавач: Magna Large Print Books
Димензии: 10*15 cm
Тежина: 430 гр.


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