Dairy Delights: The Home Creamery

Milk is sometimes called the “white gold”, which pays tribute to its vital importance in our nutrition. From the milking process to the most elaborate milk products, Dairy Delights will tell you everything you need to know about milk, butter, yogurt, kefir, crème fraiche, quark, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, cheese and other delicious dairy products you can easily prepare yourself. Variants of all basic recipes will guide you to create original dairy dishes to share in the family circle or with friends. In addition, 80 salty and sweet recipes based on dairy products are described step-by-step and abudantly illustrated. A book for anyone looking for simple and delicious homemade food that will ravish young and old alike.

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Автор: Heidi Huber
Издавач: Ullmann Publishing
Димензии: 168 стр. 196 х 25 х 254 cm
Тежина: 816 гр.
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