Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods

‘Better than Martina Cole’ – Amazon review


Things have been going too well for Daisy Lane.

Her murdered lover, Eddie Lane, has left her well off and his son little Eddie is adorable and a constant reminder of his father. The new man in her life, South London gangster Roy Kemp, looks out for her and is kind to her son.

But someone is watching Daisy’s every movement, like a predator choosing the perfect moment to pounce. He is a man with murder in his heart – a man obsessed with Daisy and enraged that she turned to Roy Kemp for love instead of him.

And he plans to teach Daisy a lesson she will never forget . . .

If you like crime thrillers by Jessie Keane, Kimberley Chambers and Martina Cole, you’ll love Damaged Goods, the third gripping novel in the Daisy Lane thriller series.

Why readers love June Hampson’s thrillers:

‘A cracking story’ – THE BOOKSELLER

‘As good as Martina Cole and Jessie Keane’ Amazon review

‘The Daisy Lane books are all brilliant’ – Amazon reviewer

‘This book is an emotional rollercoaster full of grit, violence, sadness, warmth, emotion and love’ – Goodreads reviewer

390 ден

Автор: June Hampson
Издавач: Thomas Nelson
Димензии: 11*17 cm
Тежина: 90 гр.


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