Escape from Shangri-La

When the strange man who has been watching their house turns out to be the grandfather she has never seen, eleven-year-old Cessie couldn’t be happier — at first sight. But then he has a stroke and actually has to come live with them. Popsicle, as she calls him, is impossible to live with: moody, forgetful, clumsy. Only Cessie loves him and believes in him. So when he is sent off to a home for the elderly, she helps him escape. And plays first mate to him on a dramatic nighttime boat trip across the English channel to unravel a secret only the two of them know. This Morpurgo story makes the reader want to cheer — young people, the elderly, and courage at any age.

499 ден

ISBN: 9781405255936 Категорија , , Tags , ,
Автор: Michael Morpurgo
Издавач: Egmont UK Ltd
Димензии: 224 стр. 12.9 x 19.8 x 1.5 cm
Тежина: 190 гр.


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