Flash Cooking for Blokes

The third in the highly successful COOKING FOR BLOKES series, FLASH COOKING FOR BLOKES brings you a collection of slightly more daring and impressive recipes for the now-confident-in-the-kitchen man. Featuring 175 easy to cook recipes and written in a lighthearted and easy to follow way, Duncan Anderson and Marian Walls introduce you to sauces, stuffings, cakes and party presentation and some exciting new dishes. Recipes include: gazpacho, shrimp gumbo, taramasalata, marinated swordfish, slow pot roast duck, Lancashire hotpot, profiteroles, Black Forest Gateau…

330 ден

ISBN: 9780751527223 Категорија , ,
Автор: Duncan Anderson, Marian Walls
Издавач: Little, Brown Book Group
Димензии: 384 стр. 12.6 x 19.6 cm
Тежина: 300 гр.


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