Football Fan

LEARN ALL ABOUT YOUR HEROES AND HAVE FUN WITH FOOTBALL FAN. Pick your team for the next match, put them in the right positions, match the stadiums with the correct cities, and learn some fun facts about world football. Have fun completing all the exciting activities and puzzles in this book and make sure it looks the part with the set of cool stickers! Find out cool info about some of the best players going to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and complete the Tournament Planner with the correct scores as you watch the games! In FOOTBALL FAN, you will also discover fascinating and amazing information about your favourite players, stadiums and all 19 previous World Cup tournaments! Photos of the stars in action and fun illustrations make this activity book even cooler! Learn all about the beautiful game and get ready for the greatest show on Earth!

299 ден

Автор: Eric Verschueren
Издавач: Sweet Cherry Publishing
Димензии: 50 стр. 9.09 x 0.2 x 9.37 cm
Тежина: 6.1 гр.


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