For the Love of the Gun

For the Love of the Gun

Vic Dark is one of the biggest names in criminal history – his criminal record is an awesome document and there are few in the country who can match it. During his adrenaline-fuelled career as an armed robber, his willingness to take incredible risks, combined with a soldier-like ability to formulate watertight strategies and to execute them with chilling coolness, ensured a string of astonishingly successful robberies.; Yet his luck couldn’t last forever, and Vic was eventually caught on a job that went spectacularly wrong – with the getaway turning into a desperate escape in which he took several people, including a policeman, hostage – and it landed him a 24-year jail sentence.; Having served his time, Vic has gone straight and decided to tell his compelling story. Written in his own words, his tale is a white-knuckle ride through the country’s terrifying criminal underworld. His experiences have left him with no illusions about the reality of being a criminal. Forget the glamour – Vic Dark tells it as it is.

200 ден

Автор: Vic Dark
Издавач: John Blake
Димензии: 11*18 cm
Тежина: 290 гр.


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