Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire

Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire

You Won’t Believe What Horrid Henry Will Do Next!

Henry knows that a class sleepover at a museum can only be on thing–boring!!

So he’s invited a few party crashers to liven things up…Zombie Vampires!

Plus three other stories that will leave you screaming for more!

If you read this book, you’ll laugh so hard milk might come out of your nose!
(Find out why millions of kids around the world love Horrid Henry.)

“Kids will love reading the laugh–out–loud stories about someoen whose behavior is even worse than their own.”–School Library Journal

“Will make you laugh out loud.”–Sunday Times

“A loveable bad boy.”–People

399 ден

Автор: Francesca Simon
Издавач: Orion Children’s Books
Димензии: 13*20 cm
Тежина: 100 гр.


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