Horrid Henry's Revenge and other stories

Horrid Henry's Revenge and other stories

Four new stories:

‘Horrid Henry’s Invasion’ – Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter keep invading each other’s rooms.
‘Moody Margaret’s Sleepover’ – Moody Margaret invites all the members of the Secret Club for a sleepover, with catastrophic results.
‘Horrid Henry’s Autobiography’ – Miss Battle-Axe’s class all have to write their autobiographies, the best to be published in the local paper.
‘Horrid Henry Rocks’ – Horrid Henry wants to go to the Killerboy Rats concert while his family want to go to the Daffy and her Dancing Daisies concert.

399 ден

Автор: Francesca Simon
Издавач: Orion Children’s Books
Димензии: 13*20 cm
Тежина: 100 гр.


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