iExplore - Micromonsters

iExplore - Micromonsters: Activate Augmented Reality Mini-beasts

iExplore – Micro Monsters is an amazing book that reveals the tiny creatures all around us that are normally invisible to the human eye. Marvel at these incredible mini monsters – and watch as Digital Magic makes them leap off the page! Fact-filled spreads give the reader background information on each tiny beast: where it’s found, what it does and how it survives in even the harshest conditions, from skin cells to outer space! Then simply open the app on your smartphone or tablet to trigger the AR action and awaken the Digital Magic.

The book comes to life using the latest technology of augmented reality with the free app. All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

799 ден

Автор: Camilla de la Bedoyere
Издавач: Welbeck Publishing
Димензии: 23*26 cm
Тежина: 30 гр.
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