India Express

India Express: The Future of the New Superpower

In evocative prose and with street-level reporting, Daniel Lak argues that India has become a global superpower because of its religion, caste, politics, and poverty, and not in spite of it. He looks presciently to the future, and concludes that the strength that democracy gives it means that India is much better positioned to sustain its newfound status than China, whose political system is sure to eventually hinder it. As an expert who has covered the region for the BBC for the last twelve years, Lak weaves together his substantive knowledge of Indian politics, economics, and culture with fascinating stories of everyday people.India Express incisively explores the most urgent challenges facing India in the 21st century:· The governance and development of the most religiously, culturally, and linguistically diverse population on the planet· Crushing poverty–with 300 million on less $2 a day–despite the rise

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Автор: Daniel Lak
Издавач: St. Martin’s Press
Димензии: 14*22 cm
Тежина: 270 гр.


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