Memed, My Hawk

Memed grows up a serf to a vicious overlord on the thistle-clad plains of Turkey’s Taurus region. When his plan to escape is dashed, and the young woman he loves murdered, Memed makes for the mountains to become an outlaw. Before long he has transformed from a young rebel to an infamous bandit, the scourge of corrupt oppressors and hero to the poor. With vividness and simplicity, Kemal’s classic novel evokes the fierce beauty of his country and the struggles of its oppressed people.

699 ден

ISBN: 9781784701086 Категорија , Tags , ,
Автор: Yashar Kemal
Издавач: Vintage
Димензии: 368 стр. 12.9 x 19.8 x 2.3 cm
Тежина: 255 гр.


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