Mr Gum and the Power Crystals

It’s hard to believe these books can get any funnier, but readers will be guffawing with glee as they read the fourth book about Mr Gum’s evil escapades

Can it really be true that there’s an ancient curse on the town of Lamonic Bibber? And you guessed it, that old Mr Gum and his trusty sidekick Billy William the Third have something to do with it. But our favorite heroes Polly and Friday and the gingerbread biscuit Alan Taylor (only 6 inches tall) are determined to save the town (sigh of relief). Hang on to your heads and prepare to chuckle like a chipmunk as you are whisked to the land of talking dogs, silly songs, Old Granny, and the best chase scene you’ve ever seen. You may even learn to say “The truth is a lemon meringue” in Spanish!

599 ден

ISBN: 9781405274951 Категорија , , , , Tags , ,
Автор: Andy Stanton
Издавач: Jelly Pie
Димензии: 224 стр. 5 x 0.7 x 7 cm
Тежина: 224 гр.


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