The Perfect Sausage

Murderous Maths - The Perfect Sausage

Is maths making you miserable? Are you forever getting your sums in a muddle and floundering with your formulas? Get back on track with “The Perfect Sausage”. Find out how Pongo McWhiffy makes a perfect fried egg, how to get your fair share of the gangsters’ leftover pizza and what make money really interesting. Meet the Gollarks’ evil allies as they prepare for another invasion and join the Pure Mathematicians in a high-speed car chase. Can the Mathsmobile take the pace? Meanwhile, back at the Last Chance Saloon, Brett Shuffler brings the house down and Riverboat Lil meets her match.

499 ден

Автор: Kjartan Poskitt
Издавач: Scholastic
Димензии: 13*20 cm
Тежина: 210 гр.


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