New Shops & Boutiques

With the increasingly important cultural role being placed upon shops and boutiques in today’s competitive retail environment, the need to provide new and innovative shopping experiences has brought about a redefinition of simple consumerism. Fashion spaces have taken on the role of the museum, presenting product collections as if they were displaying works of art. With this new emphasis on the role of the retail space comes the architectural challenge of creating multifunctional, customizable shells that can be renewed to meet the needs of every seasonal collection.

New Shops & Boutiques takes us inside more than 40 contemporary projects that have captured the public’s attention and recognition, thanks to their exceptional interior and exterior architecture and design. From Giorgio Armani and the Sony Tower Showroom, to John Pawson and WonderWall Inc., this shopping tour around the world presents a comprehensive selection of the market’s most outstanding commercial spaces and designers. And with more than 500 full-color photographs, New Shops & Boutiques is sure to provide an indispensable guide for the storeowner and architect alike.

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ISBN: 9780060747961 Категорија , Tags , ,
Издавач: Harper Design
Димензии: 330стр. 1000 cm


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