Mug - Pinocchio

PINOCCHIO - Porcelain Mug

299 ден


Color: Pure white
Dimensions: Ø7.5cm x 10cm 250 gr.
Natural, lead-free non-scrapable colors
Dishwasher and microwave safe
High impact resistance
Packed in eco-friendly (PVC-free printed) carton boxes 10x10x11 cm

Pinocchio Quotes:
“Never trust people who promise to make you rich in a day. They are generally crazy swindlers”

“A conscience is that still small voice that people won’t listen to.”

“Hunger is the best cook.”

“Most unfortunately, in the lives of puppets there is always a ‘but’ that spoils everything.”

“What matters school? We can go to school to-morrow. Whether we have a lesson more or a lesson less, we shall always remain the same donkeys.”

“Would it be possible to find a more ungrateful boy, or one with less heart than I have!”

“Woe to those who lead idle lives. Idleness is a dreadful illness and must be cured in childhood. If it is not cured then, it can never be cured.”

“In the Land of Toys, every day, except Sunday, is a Saturday. Vacation begins on the first of January and ends on the last day of December. That is the place for me! All countries should be like it! How happy we should all be!”

“Lies, my dear boy, can easily be recognized. There are two kind of them: those with short legs, and those with long noses. Your kind have long noses.”

“After they had gone another mile, Pinocchio heard the same little low voice saying to him:

‘Bear it in mind, simpleton! Boys who refuse to study, and turn their backs upon books, schools, and masters, to pass their time in play and amusements, sooner or later come to a bad end… I know it by experience… and I can tell you. A day will come when you will weep as I am weeping now… but then it will be too late!…’

On hearing these words whispered very softly, the puppet, more frightened than ever, sprang down from the back of his donkey and went and took hold of his mouth.

Imagine his surprise when he found that the donkey was crying… and he was crying like a boy!”

“Don’t trust to those who promise to make you rich in a day. Usually they are either mad or rogues!”

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