Seeking Sanctuary & The Nature Of The Beast

Seeking Sanctuary/The Nature Of The Beast

Nature of the Beast
Douglas Petty’s penchant for too much wine and too many women was quietened a little by marriage to Amy. But when Amy is involved in a horrendous train crash, her body is not found in the resulting fire. Why has she disappeared and, with no money and no other family, where is she? In a story of mesmerising suspense, Amy slowly reveals why she cannot return to her beloved home, and why she can never escape from the lies she was told as a child.

Seeking Sanctuary
When Theo Calvert was driven out of the family home by his wife’s cloying piety he tried to take his daughters with him, but in the face of the law, the girls’ health and his wife’s intransigence, he failed. Theo fought back through his will, shaping it to benefit them so long as they did not follow their mother’s example. Anna turns her back on her mother’s teachings, but is horrified to see her sister Therese naively accept the faith which had ruined their lives. And when the convent where Therese settles employs a new gardener, Anna is too busy fighting against Therese’s blind faith to see the danger…oday.

330 ден

Автор: Frances Fyfield
Издавач: Sphere
Димензии: 11*18 cm
Тежина: 700 гр.
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