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Book posters evoke that same feeling you got when you read the book for the first time in quiet and pleasant place: excitement, awe, admiration. A book poster is also a fantastic piece of art you can keep on your wall to showcase your personality and interest. We’ve designed book posters for the market and came up with this list to help you choose one for your room.

A book and hero poster is a work of art that encapsulates a book’s theme without giving away the plot. Some posters are minimalist, some are encapsulating ideas, some authors or hero’s, while others are a straight screen grab from the book. When choosing your print, consider what element of the book you want to highlight — the main characters, the scene, the people behind the book, etc.

About this item
High-quality 3 MIL LAMINATION for added durability
Tear Resistant
Variable sizes

BOOK-INSPIRED ART: A well-selected piece of art can be the focal point of your space, telling a story about you, and inspiring conversation, motivation, and creativity. Each design we offer is meticulously curated and created by various artists from around the world, providing diverse options for every decorating and personality style. From urban to rural, each inspired print will add the uniqueness your space needs to take it from unremarkable to riveting

PREMIUM DECOR: Whether you want to add a pop of color and interest to rooms in your home, office, dorm room, or apartment, or are just looking to fill a blank wall, Haus and Hues has versatile art pieces to suit your space! These prints come ready to hang on the wall using thumbtacks, putty, or a stylish frame of your choice. Publikum Art prints are the perfect addition to a gallery wall or picture collage. They add eye-catching designs and conversation-starting decor to any space

GALLERY QUALITY PRINTING: Natural solar white, 200 gr/m2 paper is used to print each of our premium posters. This paper is ideal for producing high-end art pieces as it allows the vivid colors and image to pop against the canvas-like surface. We use luxurious, sunlight and fade-resistant inks. This allows for stunning color, texture, finish and precision detail to show through, serving as a great holiday gift for all ages

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