The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm - The Complete Fairy Tales

“It will be invaluable to all theatregoers but it will meet a wider audience as well… this little book will do as much to promote the richness and relevance of Shakespreare’s work as any good production can”.
– Dame Judi Dench

Featuring prestigious plays and emotive sonnets, The Shakespeare Companion will enlighten readers and enhance their enjoyment of the Bard’s written word and plays in performance.

For each of the plays there is a synopsis of the plot, a list of characters, and a resume of the performance history. Including a critique of the poems and sonnets, this book also presents a history of the Shakespearean theatre, a background to the Apocrypha of plays attributed to Shakespeare and a selected glossary of Elizabethan English.
A perfect guide for enthusiasts and new fans alike.

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Автор: The Brothers Grimm
Издавач: Wordsworth
Димензии: 16*23 cm
Тежина: 1010 гр.
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