The Mayan Resurrection

The Mayan Resurrection

After sacrificing himself to preserve the human race, Michael Gabriel is imprisoned in a torturous, purgatory-like dimension in the Mayan netherworld. The Mayan prophecy states that the Hero Twins – Michael’s sons Jacob and Immanuel, born to his wife Dominique the year after his entrapment – must travel to the Mayan realm in their twentieth year to free and resurrect him. Yet it also heeds a warning. Born the same day as the twins is a dark force that threatens their destiny. This, The Abomination – the female yin to their yang – represents evil in its purest form, and will not yield until they succumb to its temptation.

330 ден

Автор: Steve Alten
Издавач: Quercus
Димензии: 12*18 cm
Тежина: 510 гр.


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