The Round Table

Поднаслов: Legends of Camelot 9 (Arthur the Legend – Book II)

A sword forged
A home built
A new era born

The Roman armies are now gone, and Publius Varrus, the legionnaire turned blacksmith, along with his former commanding general Caius Britannicus, begin to form alliances that will create a nation out of bloodshed and chaos.

Using the mysterious metal smelted from a meteorite, Varrus forges an extraordinary sword that will one day be wielded by his great grandson. He names it Excalibur.

And in the country’s darkest hour, these two dreamers establish a colony that will uphold their values and bring civilisation to a broken land: a place called Camelot.

Discover the most authentic telling of the Arthurian legend ever written.

599 ден

Автор: Jack Whyte
Издавач: Little, Brown Book Group
Димензии: 448 стр. 12.7 x 19.7 x 2.9 cm
Тежина: 316 гр.


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