The Vampire's Betrayal

The Vampire's Betrayal

Blood ties can be deadly

The most powerful blood drinker in Savannah, southern aristocrat William Cuyler Thorne has spent centuries satiating his lust and his thirst while fiercely protecting the city’s human population against real evil. He’s got social cachet, voodoo magic, and the enviable savvy that comes with being undead. But now even William is uneasy.

An ancient prophecy of apocalyptic proportions is poised to resurrect a powerful Mayan goddess who will destroy all vampires. Worse, William’s beloved sidekick, sexy neck nibbler Jack McShane, is madly in love with Connie, the police detective unwittingly about to morph into this doomsday vampire slayer. Worse still, William’s wicked ex-lover, now twice dead and doubly nasty, is plotting payback by opening the gates of the underworld and letting the demons out to feast. For William, Jack, and the otherworldly bunch, things are getting hotter than hell.

Praise for The Vampire’s Betrayal

“Absolutely stunning prose. Raven Hart is an extraordinary writer, telling a dark and delicious tale that sucks you right in.”—Sunny, New York Times bestselling author of Mona Lisa Craving

“Fans of the early Anita Blake books will love this series!”—New York TImes bestselling author Deborah Smith

330 ден

Автор: Raven Hart
Издавач: Ballantine Books
Димензии: 10*15 cm
Тежина: 330 гр.


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