Dark Fire

Поднаслов: Last Dragon Chronicles 5

Chris d’Lacey is back with more magic and dragons in the fifth book of his New York Times bestselling Last Dragon Chronicles!David Rain was lost in the Arctic and it was up to his daughter, Alexa, to bring him back. This one little girl had the power to save her father, but when she found him, she uncovered a lot more than just David: Dragons have finally returned to Earth as well. . . .Don’t miss Chris d’Lacey’s addition to his rich dragon mythology in his next series, The Erth Dragons!

699 ден

Автор: Chris D’Lacey
Издавач: Scholastic
Димензии: 574 13.8 x 19.3 x 3.4 cm
Тежина: 376 гр.


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