Deadly Diseases - Horrible Science

Deadly Diseases - Horrible Science

If you can stomach the sick side of science, you’ve come to the right place. The book that coughs up all the disgusting details of the squelchiest sicknesses that mankind has suffered through: Deadly Diseases. From the cruel common cold to shocking smallpox, see what happens when your body is attacked by germs! You’ll find out:

which brave nurse drank diarrhoea
which scientist used eyeballs as food for bacteria
why deadly cholera makes your skin turn blue
how munching maggots can cure flesh diseases
why you should never pick your nose and eat it!
With sickening sick notes, dreadful disease facts, and lots of vicious viruses to make you vomit, it’ll leave you gagging for more!

299 ден

Автор: Nick Arnold


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