Vicious Veg - Horrible Science

Vicious Veg - Horrible Science

Vegetables. They’re green. They’re gross. They’re grotty. They make you feel queasy. But do you know all there is to discover about vile vegetables and other types of vicious vegetation? Read on for some foul facts that’ll really make you sick! You’ll find out:

which vegetables are really fruits in disguise (not that you’d be fooled)
how plants suck out the insides of dead insects
why stinging nettles feed off old skeletons
which fungi can make your toes drop off
how poisonous pond algae can kill you. (Fancy a dip?)
The whole vile truth about vicious, violent, villainous veg. It’s bloomin’ amazing – if you can stomach it!

299 ден

Автор: Nick Arnold


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