Glam Knits : 25 Designs for Luxe Yarns

“Glam Knits” showcases 25 patterns utilizing specialty embellished yarns as well as truly luxe fibers like rich, thick cashmeres; angelic angoras; and delicate silks.The sophisticated haute eveningwear pieces include camisoles, dresses, skirts, blouses, coats, wraps and accessories knit from luxurious fibers. The silhouettes for these pieces are straight from the runway, without being overly trendy or easily dated.The timeless Glam Knits aesthetic is inspired by designers like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Luella Bartley and Stella McCartney. The photography is high-fashion, but the look is glamour at its most sassy, young and wearable.Patterns feature a wide variety of knitting techniques, including top-down construction, set-in sleeves, side-to-side knitting, hand-stitching and embellishment, beaded knitting, lacework and all-over stitch patterns.

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ISBN: 9781600610356 Категорија , Tags ,
Автор: Stefanie Japel
Издавач: F&W Publications Inc
Димензии: 144 стр. 216 x 279 x 11.68 cm
Тежина: 589.67 гр.


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