The Holy Bible

Поднаслов: Places and stories from the Old and New Testament

The events narrated in the Old and New Testaments unwound along pathways of the early faith that extended from Ararat in Armenia to the Valley of the Nile. These are places with a thousands-of-years-old history that, over the course of centuries, have entered into the collective imagination of millions of believers. This lavishly illustrated volume investigates the places of the Bible through texts, traditions and archaeological research. The oft-told stories of biblical events are freshly discussed and, above all, are brought to vibrant life through a comparison of great religious paintings with modern photographs. This combination of masterpieces of religious painting and distinguished photography presents the Bible’s great men and women and to depicts where they lived and where their dramatic and often tragic stories were enacted. This work investigates the Bible through texts, traditions and archaeological research. It combines masterpieces of religious painting with distinguished photography.

2,995 ден

ISBN: 9788854401914 Категорија , Tag
Автор: Gianni Guadalupi
Издавач: White Star
Димензии: 304 стр. 262 x 364 x 30 cm
Тежина: 2,639.89 гр.


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