History of India, The Timechart

16 Panel pull-out of detailed full-colour timelines of Indian history, from the Paleolithic Age to the present day, unrolls the centuries in a fascinating panorama of almost 1,500 facts. Events and trends conveniently flow in a set of seven streams: Political Formations; Wars, Struggles and Conflicts; Material Cultures/Economy and Society; Religion and Philosophy; Language and Literature; Art and Architecture; and Science and Technology.
Timeline of World Events runs parallel.

12 Panels of sub-timecharts depict specific topics: Mughal Architecture, Major Ruling Dynasties, etc, in chronological detail.

A 40-page booklet features narrative chapters on subjects such as Caste and Society, Religion, Landscape, Mahatma Gandhi, etc, tying together the diverse strands of Indian history for the reader.

More than 300 visuals: photographs, maps and paintings.

Ease of reference provided through a useful factfinder, a glossary of Indian terms, a list of libraries and museums, and a selective bibliography.

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ISBN: 9780755451623 Категорија , Tags , ,
Автор: Robert Frederick
Издавач: Robert Frederick Ltd


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