Red Crystal

Red Crystal

Out of the savagery of the Paris barricades there was born the most sinister of all the terrorist groups of the 1960’s.

Secretly funded by Moscow, trained in subversion and assassination in Italy, the Crystal Faction came to England. To wage war…

For Nick Ryder of Special Branch, finding and infiltrating the cell presented a daunting challenge. Hampered by the deviousness of his own superiors and lack of cooperation from MI5, he was drawn slowly but inexorably into a tangled web of sex, drugs, murder, intrigue and lost innocence. And at the centre, the Gabrielle Schroeder, leader of the Crystal Faction. A tough, daring, utterly ruthless woman for whom killing had become a pleasure…

`The climax is agonising, and made only too horribly likely by the author’s careful groundwork and ability to maintain suspense ‘BOOKS & BOOKMEN’ A sexy as well as a fast-paced thriller’ DAILY EXPRESS

330 ден

Автор: Clare Francis
Издавач: Pan
Димензии: 11*18 cm
Тежина: 630 гр.


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