Scandals of an Innocent

All’s fair in love and matrimony in book two of Nicola Cornick’s “Regency The Brides of Fortune” trilogy. Miss Alice Lister feels anything but respectable. Bad enough that she is a maid-turned-heiress. Now the insufferably attractive Lord Miles Vickery is certain he can gain her fortune by blackmailing her into marriage – even though it was his deceitful charm that broke her heart once before. For his part, Miles finds his newfound frankness invaluable in entangling Alice in positions deliciously unbecoming of a lady. Of course, he doesn’t yet know that he’s falling hopelessly in love with this formidable innocent…

330 ден

Автор: Nicola Cornick
Издавач: Mira
Димензии: 11*17 cm
Тежина: 300 гр.


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